Welcome to the American Family Crisis Ministry

We provide immediate relief for families in crisis to make them stronger and more resilient in the future.

Contact us Toll Free at: 866-7-HELP-ME (866-743-5763)



God is a relational God. As beings created in His image we too are relational. It is that desire to be relational that creates the foundation for the family unit - the basic building block for society. It is our relationship with God that makes that foundation strong. Sadly, over the last thirty to forty years, the foundation for the family unit has been eroding. While technology has allowed us to be more connected, we have ended up less relational and more isolated from one another in our approach to living our lives. In addition, we have also allowed our attention to drift from being focused squarely on God to being focused on our own selfish desires. As the basic building block for society, the erosion of the family unit has severely weakened the American society. The result is nothing other than the impending collapse of our society as we know it. We know this to be true because Abraham Lincoln was correct when he quoted Matthew, Mark, and Luke by reminding us that, "A house divided against itself cannot stand," at the Republican State Convention in Springfield Illinois on June 16, 1858.

Similarly, the American Family Crisis Ministry, Inc. is all about relationships. It is the mission of the ministry to repair and rebuild the family unit as the foundation of American society, keeping God at the center to ensure the strength of the foundation. The result of accomplishing this mission will be that the family will once again become strong and relational, and the fissures that currently divide our society will be repaired. It is through the strength of our continued relationships with church sponsors, corporate sponsors, and individual donors and volunteers that we will be able to accomplish our mission. It is through these relationships and the ongoing communication between this ministry and the church that God will be able to use all of us to make His vision for the American family a reality. As one pastor recently said to us, there is no one else doing this.

If you are a family in crisis, we invite you to enter into an ongoing relationship with us to help you. If you are not currently in crisis, we invite you to enter into an ongoing relationship with us as a sponsor, donor, or volunteer to help the American families who so desperately need it.



There are many scams that prey on families and especially the elderly. Most of these scams involve you sending money at some point. Whether they contact you by phone, email, text, or by other means, they are very convincing. Don't believe them. It is always better to assume something is a scam first and have them prove it is not. Here are some tips to help you protect your family.

  1. No government official will make first contact with you by email or by text message on your cell phone. Some will call, but most will make first contact with you by mail using the United States Post Office. If you get a message from someone claiming to be from the FBI, the United Nations, etc., it is a hoax.
  2. Any bill collector who threatens to prosecute you and send you to jail is violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Do not give this person any personal information, financial information, or send them any money.
  3. Any person who requires you to send them a money order, gift card, cash, or anything else that can be easily converted to cash is probably trying to defraud you.
  4. Any person who makes first contact with you by text or email to tell you about a lost dead relative, wants you to help them with a financial transaction, or says you won something is trying to scam you out of your money.
  5. Do not answer any financial questions by phone, email, or text unless you are 100% positive that you have dealt with this individual before and that the individual is who they claim to be. Again scam artists can be very convincing so beware.
  6. It is always best to have someone send you their claim that you owe money or need to send money by United States Post Office. Do not give them your address. If they are who they claim to be they will already have it.
  7. When in doubt, call your local law enforcement for help.