"We Help Children and Families in Crisis"

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Office Phone: (717)428-3140

Children and Families
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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Families Renewed, Inc. to provide relief to children and families suffering from the trauma caused by the break down of the family structure by renewing the family support systems that are at the core of a child's sense of safety and security, and to increase the strength of the family to be the structure, as ordained by God, on which their lives and the lives of future generations are built. Families Renewed, Inc. will accomplish this mission through a combination of providing immediate crisis intervention designed to mitigate emergent family crises through the strategic use of its own resources and relationships with ministry partners, government agencies and organizations, and non government organizations; and by providing community based programs and ministries that proactively address the familial, marital, parental, and financial needs of children, families, single parents, and communities.