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Finding Home
"We Help Homeless Children and Families Connect to Services and Short Term Housing"

01/01/2021 Update - We have just come through ten months of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there have been moratoriums on evictions and utility disconnections during the pandemic, those moratoriums will not be in place forever. Currently there are about 800,000 Pennsylvanians who are having difficulty paying their utility bills. That is about one out of every three households who are experiencing difficulty in Pennsylvania. The same is true in Maryland, abut one in three. About one in four households in Pennsylvania and Maryland are late on their rent or mortgage payments.While there is a federal moratorium in place against evictions, that will not last much longer.

Not only do children and families need financial assistance, but they also need family and child advocates to work on their behalf to reduce the impact the expiration of these moratoriums will have on homelessness. A $600.00 check will not solve this problem. While we have been working with families to help them prepare to return to normal, it is clear that the impact of decisions that were made for them by our public servants has been devastating and more needs to be done. Families Renewed, Inc. has been involved in child and family advocacy in the past on a limited basis to help coordinate multi-agency support to ensure the best interests and the needs of these children and families are met. We are now expanding this program to include child and family advocacy to stakeholders, decision makers and law makers.

Child and family homelessness continues to be a problem. Even with the current public and private programs and policies that are currently in place, the problem of child homelessness is not getting better. In fact, according to a recent study, the probem has been getting worse since 2013.

We can cut those numbers in half in the next five years through our Finding Home program which focuses on preventative and early intervention solutions by leveraging the strategic partnerships we have established in the real estate industry. All of our programs are designed to solve the problem long term by strengthening the nuclear family.

In addition to the preventative and early intervention solutions provided by our Finding Home program, Families Renewed also provides timely emergency crisis intervention to children and families in crisis. If you are experiencing homelessness you can call us for help by calling 866.7.HELP.ME (866.743.5763).